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A/N: Sorry about no chat time. I
will have chat time later in the story. It will be easier then.
Gomen. I do not own shugo chara. The only thing I own is Miku and
her charas.

“I'M LATE!” I was hurrying to get ready school. Why do
teachers have to give so much homework? Especially my math teacher.
“Go!Go! Amu-chan!” Ran continuously cheered for the last
two miniutes

“Arigatou, Ran.” I said while quickly brushing my hair.
“Amu-chan! Breakfast! You don't want to be late for the new
term!” New term. I completely forgot.  I got down for breakfast
not realizing the time. When I saw the time, it was too late for
breakfast.  “I really have to go. Bye mina!” I yelled
while dashing out the door.

“Amu!”  Miki said. “You have exactly two minutes
fifty three seconds!” “Would you like some relaxing green
tea desuka?” “Really Su? Of all times, now? Ran! Chara
change!”  “Hai! Hop Step Jump!” With Ran I was able
to make it to the classroom with twenty three seconds to spare.  When
I entered with my cool n' spicy character. The girl with short blue
hair came up to me at my desk and said “Hinamori-san! We are in
the same class again!” I wanted to be nice, but my outer
character got the best of me. “Sure, whatever, but it doesn't
really mat-”

“Hi! I'm Nikaido, and I will be your teacher this term. Before
we start anything, I would like to introduce a new transfer student.
She comes from a rich family. I was told not to share her last name
with you. She's a little young. She may be younger and smaller than
all of you, but she is just as-maybe  even more mature than you!
Please come in, Miku.” There she was. She was just all out
gorgeous. She had beautiful azure eyes, light blue hair to the bottom
of her knees, and bunny ears.

may say your introduction now.” Nikaido-sensei said rather
calmly.  “I am Miku.” Her
it was so refined and calm. “I know that you are wondering what
to call me if not Miku. You may call me Tsuki
Any questions?” One girl asked “How old ARE you? “two.”
The whole class was in shock. The only people who stayed calm was
Tadase-kun and Rima. “Any other questions?”
asked.  A boy raised his hand. “Do you have a
older sister our age?” There was a look on her face.  A smirk.
Her smirk looks exactly like Ikutos smirk. I mean EXACTLY like Ikutos
smirk. She looked mischievous and said “Are you that desperate?
You just want a girl to hit on. Yes I do have a sister your age.
Kaori. She's cute, but not interested in any of you boys.” She
also teases like Ikuto. I really miss him. I hope that he will come
back soon.

may take your seat, hmmm.... why not sit next to Himamori Amu over
there.” And sure enough Nikaido-sensei was pointing to the
right of me. She walked down the isle silently
swiftly until she reached me. She said something just loud enough for
me to hear. She said “Why are you still with Tadase?”

Hi! sry it's so short i will update soon, maybe tommorow, or maybe later today. Yeah! In case you haven't realized yet, this is Amuto. Sry for slow beginning, but it will heat up more later!

kaori (Miku's sister) By CrazyAnimeGirl
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quitfeedingurdragons Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
very cute! could b a bit more subtle with Miku's character decription but overall it was great!~
LittleMiss-Miku Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Student General Artist
Yay!!! Thanks Dragon-tan!
quitfeedingurdragons Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
your welcome asuka-chwyan!

hmmm...maybe I'll shorten your nickname some more...

you can be suka-nyan ~<3
x-Infinity-x Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
Err so here's my feedback:
The plot was a good one, i could sense something big coming, but you could detail the story by adding descriptions of the character's feelings instead of just talking about the actions. Also detailing scenes could create an atmosphere for the readers.
That's about it, hope that helps!(I tried my best!)
LittleMiss-Miku Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student General Artist
ok! I'll work on that more while writing chapter 2! I'll tell you when it's up!
x-Infinity-x Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
OK;) i hope my feedback helps=]
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